How Often Does Skims Restock

Skims, the popular clothing company, regularly restocks its inventory to ensure that customers can purchase their desired items. This article provides detailed information about Skims’ restocking schedule and how customers can stay informed about new arrivals.

When Does Skims Restock?

Skims typically restocks new items once or twice a week, with a majority of restocks occurring on Sundays. On these days, the company updates its website to showcase the latest additions. To be among the first to access new items, customers can visit Skims’ website on Sunday mornings and place their orders.

For added convenience, Skims offers a notification system that alerts customers when new items, sizes, colors, or shapewear become available. To receive these notifications, customers can sign up for an account on the Skims website or app, navigate to the desired product, and opt-in for restock notifications.

How Long Does It Take for Skims to Restock?

Typically, Skims takes between 3 to 7 days to restock new items. In most cases, items are back in stock within three days. However, certain factors may occasionally cause restocking to take longer. To stay informed about restocks, customers can utilize Skims’ notification system or check for announcements regarding specific restock dates.

While some items may occasionally be out of stock, popular items like the Skims sheer sculpt and sheer low-back shorts are usually available at all times. Skims also prioritizes fast shipping and delivery services to ensure a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Skims Restocking Shapewear

Shapewear is a top-selling category for Skims. As a result, the company restocks shapewear twice a week. However, Skims does not provide specific restocking times for shapewear items. Customers can regularly check the new section of the Skims website to find the latest shapewear options as soon as they become available.

Checking Skims In-Store Inventory

Skims offers the option to check the inventory of their physical stores before visiting. To access this feature, customers need to download the Skims mobile app. Through the app’s “Search My Store” feature, customers can type in the item they are looking for and find out if it is in stock at their local store. This feature helps customers avoid unnecessary trips to the store when specific items are not available.

The app also provides information about the aisle where the desired product can be found, ensuring a smooth and efficient shopping experience.

Product Restock Alerts

If an item is not currently in stock on Skims’ website, customers have the option to sign up for Skims Stock Alerts. These alerts notify customers via email when their desired items are back in stock. However, not all items are eligible for stock alerts. Customers can enter their email address for eligible items and receive a notification when they become available.

Please note that highly sought-after products and in-store items may not be eligible for stock alerts. These alerts are currently only available for online purchases.

Requesting a Product at Skims

If customers would like to see a specific product available at their local Skims store, they can visit the “Store and Corporate Feedback” webpage on the Skims website. By providing feedback and making product requests, customers can help shape the inventory available at their preferred Skims store.


Skims restocks its inventory, including bodysuits, shapewear, swimwear, sculpt low-back shorts, and other dresses, one to two times a week. While the exact restocking schedule is not released, customers can find new items in the dedicated new section on the Skims website. Skims also provides notifications to inform customers when new items are back in stock. By utilizing these resources, customers can stay updated and secure their desired Skims products.

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