【Unseen Guide】Does Walgreens sell stamps? 

A lot of people are asking this question, so we decided to do some research. Does Walgreens sell stamps? 

The answer to this question is yes! Walgreens sells stamps at various sizes and prices. They carry both individual ones, as well as booklet versions for more convenient mailing of letters or packages; however, not all locations may sell the same kind of stamp (it depends on what store you’re in). 

Stamp Prices at Walgreens :

The price of a 20-stamp book at Walgreens is $11, and each stamp costs 0.55 cents. You can buy stamps from their pharmacy for the same cost as USPS First Class Forever Stamps sold in United States Post Offices across America!

These stamps are a significant investment because they can be used to send regular envelopes by mail with the First-Class Forever stamp. It means that your old stamp is still usable when postage prices go up in future purchases!

By purchasing this book of stamps, you will have enough for years without having any issues over all times – it’s an excellent choice if mailing semi-regularly like I do myself.

Working Hours of Walgreens :

Working hours are dependent on Walgreens’ location. However, here are the approximations of weekdays:

It opens at nearly 9 AM and closes around 9 PM in most areas but can vary depending on where you live or work! 

Walgreens Store Locator (Finding Walgreens Store Near me):


You can find your nearest Walgreens pharmacy quickly and easily using the Store Locator. Enter information for state, city, or any area you’re looking to get prescriptions filled at a nearby location that is open 24/7 if needed!

Do check it out if you want to know exactly How Many Stamps Do you Need ? 

Can I buy other stuff from Walgreens?

Walgreens is a pharmacy with everything you need to keep in your home or office. You’ll find Walgreens stores throughout the United States in almost every city and town, so no matter where life takes you, there’s always one nearby!

The store offers many Items like 

  • Makeup Products 
  • Skin Lotions/Creams for Dry Winter
  • Skin Conditions Such as Eczema
  • Hair Accessories
  • Conditioner Bottles Etc.

You can get all the food, drinks, and household necessities at this store.

Advantages of buying stamps from Walgreens:

  1. Because they are quick and easy with many options, many Walgreens stores offer these services, which makes it easier for customers to get what they need quickly.
  2. Walgreens also offers other services such as copying and printing.
  3. You don’t need to waste your time standing in line at the post office while Walgreens’ service will get the job done right away.

Disadvantages of buying stamps from Walgreens:

  1. Unfortunately, Walgreens does not deliver stamps to its customers. You can order online but have to pick them up from the store yourself!
  2. Walgreens offers only First-Class Forever stamps, which are the standard kind of stamps needed for letters and official documents.

Does Walgreens Provides Healthcare Service Provider Also?

Walgreens is a well-known healthcare service provider, employing more than 75,000 people across the United States. These employees include pharmacists and other skilled professionals who can provide prescription medication for patients in need of fulfilling their prescriptions or administering care within store locations such as pharmacies.

The Walgreens at local clinics offers a variety of health tests. Not all locations offer this service, but if you’re lucky enough to find one that does, then be sure not only will they sell prescriptions medications without any hassle (you don’t need an appointment), they can provide other vital medical care such as checkups and wellness services too!

Balance Rewards by Walgreens for Discounts:

Balance Rewards by Walgreens is a loyalty program that allows you to earn points for every purchase. You can then exchange your earned points with discounts, immunizations, and exercises from the store! 

They also have a prescription savings club where members enjoy discounted prices on over 8k generic medications available in their stores.

History of Walgreens:


Walgreens, one of the world’s largest drugstore chains in operation. The company was founded in 1901 by Chicago community pharmacist Charles R. Walgreen. Since then, it has become a household name in 25 countries across the globe!

Since its founding days in 1901, Walgreens has grown into one of America’s most recognized pharmacy store chains with over 8600 stores nationwide and around 6500 outside the U.S.

With wide product offering ranging from everyday essentials to beauty & personal care products including vitamins, home health care solutions (from medical equipment to baby-care) and more; not forgetting their own line of private label products under ‘Signature’ brand.

Walgreen Co. is an American company that operates as the second-largest pharmacy store chain in the United States behind CVS. As of January 31, 2010, the company operated 8,416 stores in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Walgreens is a member of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA).

In addition to its retail activities, Walgreens is known for manufacturing several well-known pharmaceutical brands, such as ChapStick lip balm and No7 cosmetics, from the parent company, The Boots Company. It also operates numerous health and beauty aid centers within most locations, offering a wide range of services, including clinical weight management, compounding drug prescriptions, home medical equipment, and more.

Walgreens Co.’s fiscal year ends in December. The fiscal year ended September 30, 2010; it reported revenues of about $72.2 billion and net income of approximately $1.9 billion.

Final Verdict :

Walgreens is the perfect place if you’re looking to buy stamps and don’t feel like going straight away to USPS. You can find a 20-stamp booklet for $11, which costs just as much as at a postal service outlet!

If it’s nearness that has been keeping you from heading into your local post office or branch location, look no further than Walgreen’s outlets—they offer first-class forever stamp books containing all of America’s worth of postage within them ( Approximately ). 

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FAQs :

Does Walgreens sell stamps?

Yes, Walgreens sells stamps in Booklet and single as well in some stores. The price for 20- Stamp booklets is $11.

Does Walgreens sell single stamps?

The Single Stamp Price is $0.5, but you need to contact the store before buying because some stores don’t sell single stamps.

Does Walgreens sell money orders?

Walgreens does not sell money orders at any of its stores. However, it offers a service through Western Union that allows you to send cash easily and quickly for those hard-to-reach customers who need their payment in an instant!

Does the Post office officially accept Walgreens stamps? 

The post office officially accepts Walgreens stamps, and they sell valid and legal ones too.