Identity Theft Protection Stamp


Contact The Bureau Of Consumer Protection: The Bureau of Consumer Protection would like to make consumers aware of an offer targeting identity theft victims. The company doing the offering is called USA Security Stamp Company , and their “consumer alert” letter claims that they are willing to replace the victims’ SSN with a patented anti-fraud Read more

Does UPS Sell Stamps – An Ultimate Buyer Guide


Yes, UPS sell Stamps as well as they offer postal services and carries USPS products. The company provides stamps, metered mail solutions such as Return Receipts for guaranteed delivery or Signature Confirmations to ensure that your package will be delivered correctly; it also certifies letters right away upon receiving them so you don’t have wait Read more

【Detailed Guide】Do Stamps Expire?

Do stamps Expire?

No, they don’t expire due to passage of time but can’t be reused. Do Postage Stamps Expire? Postage stamps are a piece of specified paper issued by post office or other authorized vendors to the customers who pay postage then they affix it to the address side of mail /letter/parcel to indicate the amount of Read more

Does 7-11 Sell Stamps – Best Guide you should Read !


Yes, 7-11 sells US postage stamps at their convenience stores. When you buy stamps, they will cost the same price as your local post office and you must ask upfront because the stamps are not on display shelves. 7 Eleven does sell nondenominational Forever stamp books of 20 pieces but no individual pieces for sale, Read more