Best Palm Beach Tan Hours Guide

About Palm Beach Tan:

Palm Beach Tan is one of the largest national chains in the U.S., with over 400 salons across the country and a large concentration on the East Coast.

Palm Beach Tan is a chain of indoor tanning facilities based in Dallas, Texas. They were founded in 1990 and currently have over 460 locations under the Palm Beach Tan name along with other brands such as Sunless (for when you want that golden beach-ready look without all those UV rays).

The two products offered by them are sunbed lotions or spray tans which give your skin an instant bronzed glow!

Palm Beach Tan hours:

Palm Beach Tan has rather straightforward hours of operation, with most salons opening at 9am and closing by 5pm.

Palm Beach Tan Closing Hours Today:

Palm Beach Tan’s closing hours may be easy to remember because they offer ample time for those that finish work later in the evening or want to avoid busier times earlier.

For instance, most locations will close at 9pm on weekdays with additional late-night options available at some salons!

Salons also stay open until 10pm during weekends which gives you even more opportunities get your tanning treatments done before Monday rolls around again!

Palm Beach Tan Sunday Hours:

Sunday is the exception-most will be open 10 am – except for some who have opened 8 am on Saturdays!

These early morning starts are perfect if you want to get your tan done before work or class starts up again in earnest later that evening

The availability of late openings provides another option when choosing where best suited go during those post weekday hour slump days

Palm Beach Tan Near me (Location Finder):

Using the Palm Beach Tan salon locator is a simple way to find any nearby locations. You can search by location or membership type, get specials and pricing information as well as contact info for your favorite place!

Palm Beach Tan has a helpful salon locator that will allow you to search for nearby locations.

This is useful, as it allows customers the opportunity of finding out about any specials or coupons available at their local Palm Beach Tans store.

Also it gives directions on how they can contact one particular location by phone number in case there are issues while driving around town looking for specific places!


Palm Beach Tan Hours (Location Wise):

Palm beach tan (locations Hours) Opening Hours Closing Hours
Palm beach tan lubbock hours 9 am 5 pm
Palm beach tan omaha hours 9 am 5 pm
Palm beach tan amarillo hours 9 am 5 pm
Palm beach tan lincoln ne hours 9 am 6 pm
Palm beach tan bridgeport hours 9 am 5 pm
Palm beach tan tuscaloosa hour 9 am 5 pm
Palm beach tan dundalk hours 9 am 5 pm
Palm beach tan dothan al hours 10 am 6 pm
Palm beach tan auburn al hours 9 am 5 pm
Palm beach tan vestavia hours 9 am 5 pm
Palm beach tan prattville hours 9 am 5 pm
Palm beach tan rockville hours 9 am 5 pm
Palm beach tan gainesville va hours 10 am 9 pm

Palm Beach Tan Holiday Hours:

Palm Beach Tan Holiday Hours Opening Hours Closing Hours
palm beach tan memorial day hours 9 am 5 pm
palm beach tan christmas eve hours 10 am 9 pm
palm beach tan thanksgiving hours 9 am 5 pm
palm beach tan labor day hours 9 am 5 pm
palm beach tan easter hours 10 am 9 pm

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