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About Denny’s:

Denny’s which is also famous for its another name  Danny’s Dinner is a chain of restaurants in America. Denny’s is basically a table service dinner-style. It has more than 1700 restaurants in different countries in all over the world. Denny’s are public restaurants that were founded by Harold Butler and Richard Jezak.

It was founded in 1953 with the name “Danny’s Donuts” in Lakewood, California, US. The headquarters of Denny’s is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, US. The revenue of restaurant is US $541.4 million and the net income is US $117.4 million.

Denny’s original name was Denny’s Donuts and it was opened as a coffee shop but now it is famous for its breakfast, lunch, and dinner services of 24 hrs because it is always open and providing services. Denny’s always remains open even at night and on holidays except for government orders and where required by a law. Most of the restaurants can be found in proximity to freeways exits, in-service areas, as well as bars. In 1963, Denny’s has starting franchising and now most of the restaurants of Denny’s are franchisee owned.

Official website of Denny’s:

Denny’s Hours:

The Denny’s hours are mostly same at every store because it remains open for 24 hours around the clock but it can vary in some of the locations.

Days Denny’s Hours
Monday 24 hours open
Tuesday 24 hours open
Wednesday 24 hours open
Thursday 24 hours open
Friday 24 hours open
Saturday 24 hours open
Sunday 24 hours open

Denny’s 24 Hours Service:

The Denny’s remains open every time at day and night to provide its services to their customers by providing them breakfast, lunch, and dinner but the opening and closing hours of Denny’s may be vary is some of the locations. The hours can be confirmed by contacting the customer of Denny’s.

Customers can easily reach out to the customers service of Denny’s by making a call on 1-800-733-6697. The availability of customer service is from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM. The customers can also contact the department of customer services of their local Denny’s restaurant during its regular working time.

Denny’s Christmas Hours:

Denny’s never deprived its customers of their favorite and tasty dinner dishes on regular days then how can it these dishes be not available of this special occasion and wonderful day of the year. Denny’s remains 24 hours open for its customers on the Christmas day to offer delicious food. The restaurants remains open 24/7 nation wide even at the holidays time including Christmas and Christmas Eve.

Denny’s Thanks giving Hours:

During the time of thanksgiving when most of the restaurants are closed, Denny’s remains open 24/7 and provide festive menu for its customers. It also facilitate its customers with promotion deals and holiday deals.

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Denny’s Hours Near Me:

Denny’s stores is providing its services to food lovers in different areas and remain open 24/7 on Monday to Saturday. The restaurant also provides its services for 24 hours on Sunday as well. These hours are same for almost every store in all over the world. The table explains the detailed opening and closing time of Denny’s.

Days Denny’s Service Hours
Monday 24 hours service
Tuesday 24 hours service
Wednesday 24 hours service
Thursday 24 hours service
Friday 24 hours service
Saturday 24 hours service
Sunday 24 hours service

According to your location you can check the timing of nearby restaurant of Denny’s by entering the name of your nearby store and then you can check the hours of the restaurant. To know the hours of restaurant you should visit the link and search your nearby store. click on this link.

Denny’s Restaurants Location:

There are almost 1700 Denny’s restaurants operating in many countries. It means that you can find you nearby restaurant for delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The easy as well as reliable way to check the nearby Denny’s restaurant is to check Denny’s official website or you can use Google Map as well.

You will be able to check the services that are offering by the store and the distance of the store from your place. You have to enter your area zip code in the search bar and you will receive all the desired results.

Denny’s Holiday Hours:

The holiday hours of Denny’s store are different according to the location and events. The table below is about the holidays of 2021 and the opening and closing hours of Denny stores.

Date Day Holiday Hours
Jan 1 Friday New Year’s Day 24 hours service
Jan 18 Monday Martin Luther King Day 24 hours service
Feb 15 Monday Presidents Day 24 hours service
April 2 Friday Good Friday 24 hours service
April 4 Sunday Easter 24 hours service
May 31 Monday Memorial Day 24 hours service
July 4 Sunday Independence Day 24 hours service
Sep 6 Monday Labour Day 24 hours service
Oct 11 Monday Columbus Day 24 hours service
Nov 11 Thursday Veterans Day 24 hours service
Nov 24 Wednesday Day before thanksgiving 24 hours service
Nov 25 Thursday Thanksgiving 24 hours service
Nov 26 Friday Black Friday 24 hours service
Dec 24 Friday Christmas Eve 24 hours service
Dec 25 Saturday Christmas Day 24 hours service
Dec 26 Sunday Day after Christmas 24 hours service
Dec 31 Friday New Year’s Eve 24 hours service

Denny’s also remains open on Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco De Mayo day, mother’s day,  and father’s day. These hours may be different in some of the locations and you can easily find the time of your local Denny’s restaurant by visiting this link and entering the name of your nearby Denny’s restaurant.

The 24/7 hour service of Denny’s is the main reason because of which it is very famous in all over the world. You can have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner anytime whenever you want. There are very little chances that you will saw a sign of “we are closed” because it always remains open.