Stamps on a bubble mailer

What is a bubble mailer?

Bubble mailers are perfect for sending delicate items. They provide additional protection and make the package look more professional with its paper exterior; Bubble Wrap lined inside to cushion your valuable cargo from any potential blemishes or accidents on delivery day!

The size of the bubbles will vary depending upon what you’re shipping–the larger they are, Safer Shipping Guaranteed (SSG).

SSGs ensure that if anything happens during transit, such as breakage by courier service providers in-country, we’ll replace all missing parts free of charge.

How many stamps for a bubble mailer?

This is a tricky question to answer because it depends on what type of stamps you want.

For Example
If your goal is just the First-Class label (i.e., 4 ounces), then around $3.74 will be enough for 7 Forever Stamps ($0.55 per stamp).

If however-you’re also looking at sending other sorts or heavier items through USPS’ standard Priority Mail option–then expect an additional charge based on their rates from when I checked them last week!

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How Much Does it Cost to Mail a Bubble Mailer?

If your bubble mailer is less than 3/4 inch thick with weighing one Ounce or less, then it’s considered an envelope, and postage price stays at $0.55 per stamp; however, if you’re sending something heavier (like books) in a 3/4 inch-thick bubble package with more weight then it will be considered a package, and it’ll cost extra for delivery!

How many stamps for a 4×7 bubble mailer?


It is important that your letter be within allowed size limits and not too heavy. 4″ x 7″ are generally considered the “letter-sized” paper, but it must also meet other requirements like weighing less than 3/4 ounce and 1/4 inch thickness at most for flat rate USPS delivery via Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope. 

If you’re sending something over 2 ounces (or a package with an equivalent weight), then there’ll be additional costs based on how far away from the post office closest to where shipped.

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How many stamps for a 6×9 bubble mailer?


6×9 Envelopes fall into the category of a letter-sized envelope.

If the item weighs one Ounce or less and is up to a quarter-inch thick, Forever stamps will suffice- currently rated at $0.55 per stamp.

If you’re mailing something heavier than that, though, additional postage may be needed depending on how much extra weight your package has beyond an exterior cargo pocket. Over 3 ounces, we recommend using “Large envelop.”

How many stamps do I need for a 9×12 bubble envelope?

2 Stamps are needed for a 9×12 bubble envelope.

How to Pick the Correct Bubble Mailer Size :

Bubble Mailer Sizes & Use:

Interior Size Exterior Size Used For
4 in. x 7 in. 4 in. x 8 in. Small Parcel like USB, Phones, Chips etc
6 in. x 9 in. 6 in. x 10 in. Midsize Parcel Like DVDs, books, or photos, CDs etc
7.5 in. x 10 in. 7.5 in. x 11 in. Midsize Parcel Like DVDs, books, or Photos, CDs etc
8.5 in. x 11 in. 8.5 in. x 12 in. Larger Parcels like books, Magazines, Research papers, Catalogs etc
12.5 in. x 18 in. 12.5 in. x 19 in. Extra Larger Parcels like Clothing stuff, Stationeries, Textbooks, Kid Toys etc

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